Ways School ERP software Helps
Ways School ERP software Helps
Ways School ERP software Helps

10 ways School ERP software Helps School Management

The benefits of a school management system benefit everyone involved in the academic process: administrators who oversee school operations, teachers, students, staff, parents who are anxiously awaiting the completion of the project, and employees who set up the processes. It is much easier to imagine some of the advantages of school administration. Here are the top 10 benefits of ERP Software for School Management.

Collaborate outside classrooms

It unites schools, students, and staff seamlessly as a web and mobile-based interactive tool to manage educational processes quickly and substantially cut the burden.

Save paper and reduce workload

The School Management solution is cutting-edge, offering full automation of all school administration operations and realizing the aim of paperless administration.

Manage your staff attendance

Using our attendance management feature, you can track the number of days that your teachers are absent from work or classes. You can also view their performance on this front in real-time so that there's no need for you to wonder whether they have been late for class or not

Leave Management System

The leave management system helps you to manage and track the number of days that each employee has left, their accrued days, and the reason for their absence. It also allows you to create custom reports on this information so that it can be used for staff development purposes or any other reason necessary.

Online Registration

With the use of ERP software, parents can apply for their kids’ admission and check the status online via an online link, directly connected to the ERP system. Schools can also check all the entries, further process shortlisting for final admission, and can also notify candidates via the same.

Examination Management

Teachers can now upload marks obtained by every student on the School App and even can generate digital report cards with a few clicks. These reports can be accessed easily by students to know their academic performance.

Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation is used to evaluate the performance of employees, teachers, and students. It helps in improving the overall performance of the school by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each employee. It also assists in monitoring processes within a department or school level, which can be used for planning future activities or initiatives that will improve upon current ones.

Online Fee payment

With the help of the ERP system, parents can pay school fees online via Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, and UPI with a single click via the School App from the comfort of their home.

Payroll Management

The attendance management system administration of ERP Software for School Management can obtain sufficient information on staff monthly leaves and total days attended by the staff. The Integrated cloud-based Face Biometric Machine makes it automatic and easier to collect staff attendance in no time. Manually calculating days and salaries, as well as preparing salary slips, takes time for administrators.

Feedback and suggestions

In terms of workforce management, ERP software can provide insights into how teachers are progressing in their roles and how they are carrying out their tasks and responsibilities.
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