Reasons Why Online Payments are Ideal for Schools
Reasons Why Online Payments are Ideal for Schools
Reasons Why Online Payments are Ideal for Schools

5 Reasons Why Online Payments are Ideal for Schools

For the administrative staff of schools, the first week of every month or quarter means long and busy working hours and dealing with parents to collect their child's fees. After collecting the payments, they enter the data and provide receipts to the parents. All of this sounds tiring and time-consuming. For parents, standing and waiting in long queues and rushing off to their workplace after paying the fees is equally daunting. In the era, when there was no alternative and things had to be done manually, these activities were crucial for keeping records of everything. But with the advent of technology, and the advancements it has made in the financial sector such as making India cashless, these processes have become obsolete and have been replaced by a much faster and more efficient process- an online school fee payment system.

Flexible Payment Methods

One of the most significant benefits of the online school fee payment system is the flexibility it provides to the parents and makes the process more convenient for them. Every client values convenience and if your school offers a smooth and seamless process and easy-to-follow steps to the parents of young students, you'll be ensuring a satisfactory customer experience for them. The flexibility to pay through either online banking or third-party channels makes the online school fee payment system a massive success. Parents also have an option to pay via the Radical Logix School App, which allows them to pay through credit cards, debit cards, Net banking, UPI, Digital QR code and more.

Saves Time

The online school fee payment system allows parents to do it anywhere at any time. They could be in their office, grocery shopping, or just watching tv in their home and all they would have to do is have a device with an internet connection. They can pay the fees with just a few simple clicks and do not need to be physically present at a particular time to do so. Using an online school fee payment system moves things much faster. Moreover, after paying the fees, parents or guardians receive digital fee receipts generated on School App with confirmation that payment has been well received by School.

Safe and Secure

The amount of the academic fee is transferred directly to the institute's bank account when parents pay digitally. A bank's storage and security systems are much better than those of any educational institution. Thus, loss and theft are minimized. Online payments put parents' minds at ease as they are completely secure using reliable payment gateways that follow 256-bit encryption techniques. All the details can be easily found on our School App where we make the user experience completely safe and secure.

Paperless Transactions

In addition to supporting paperless transactions, online school fee payment has another benefit. Nowadays, we have to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint. To achieve this, we need to cut our paper consumption. You can receive receipts via email or through the School App By doing so, you will be reducing the amount of paper you use in transactions.

Auto Reconciliation of Online Fee

The fee paid by parents using School App is automatically reconciled in School ERP which the accountant can check in reports. The accountant does not have to do any manual entry or reconcile the amount manually from Pass Book / Bank statement, this happens automatically using intelligent API integrated into our School ERP making it pretty convenient for both parents and school administration alike.
Both parents and administrators are benefited from the digital payment system in educational institutions. Parents can pay their children's fees on time and at their convenience, as well as download receipts and check past transactions. By moving towards paperless office work, institutions and administrators can keep money safe.
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