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Ways School ERP software Helps
Ways School ERP software Helps
Ways School ERP software Helps

8 Ways How School ERP Software Could Improve the Experience of Parents

The digitalization trend spread everywhere and didn't leave the schools behind. The school ERP software entered the modern education system and soon became necessary. Most schools in Delhi and Noida have given up the traditional means and are using the best school ERP software in India for effective management.

Undoubtedly, ERP software aids school management tremendously; but it also benefits parents in many ways. You may know it yourself after reading this blog.

1. Pre-admission

During the pre-admission phase, the impression of school management impacts parents' minds significantly. But there is no need to worry when there is school management software. With ERP software, parents remain informed about their child's admission application status and get regular alerts and notifications via SMS and emails, so they form a pleasant perception of the school.

2. Admission Process

The software notifies parents about the admission process and the date if their child gets shortlisted. Specific tasks during the admission process are informed to the parents via software. Parents can check details about when to visit the campus and with which documents.

3. Transport Tracking

The school software applications allow parents to track school transportation conveniently. Every location is easy to track as these apps show the school bus's movement on a map in real-time. Parents get alerts about changes in the bus timings. They can prepare precisely prepare for the drop and pickup of their child. Their child is traveling where, at which point of time, everything is traceable via apps which provide their mind relaxation.

4. Child's Progress

Student life is not limited to just academics. Non-academic activities also play a crucial role in their life and career. Parents can get the details of these activities and the student's remarks by accessing their child's student profile on the app.

5. Fee Payment

Payment of fees is instant and smooth with the best school ERP software in India. Parents can pay the fee, know the deadline and get confirmation of everything through school ERP software. Hence it becomes easy for parents to pay the fees without leaving their location.

6. Regular Alerts

Celebrations, events, activities, trips, and many more exciting things keep happening in school. Parents can get the details of everything via notifications and alerts. Furthermore, the software alerts parents about their child's attendance, fee dues, payments, emergency holidays, etc.

7. Gradebook Access

Parents can access the grade book to analyze their child's performance in school. It helps them uncover the marks attained by their child in examinations conducted in school. Grade book customization options are available, which schools can utilize to make the parents' experience more satisfactory.

8. Direct Communication

Parents can communicate with teachers directly to clear their doubts or get feedback from teachers about their child's performance. Direct communication is more effective since it saves time and enables clear message transmission without obstructions.


It is often doubted that school ERP software is only for making management easy. But after reading this blog, you must have understood that it is made for more.

If you want to take your school to the top, consider enlisting the best school ERP software in India. Reach out to Radical Logix, a renowned platform for ERP software where you can expect satisfactory and worthwhile services.