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ERP Software for School
ERP Software for School

Digitize Admission Process with School ERP - Radical Logix

The process of admission is a long & tedious one.

It involves many papers and documents that need to be processed. Therefore, it is required that every paper should be duly filled, signed and stamped by the concerned authorities before submission.

Radical Logix school ERP software has been designed to automate all the admission process-related tasks, including online registration forms, application processing, and much more.

Read as we talk about the fundamental features of our school ERP and how it can improve your institution's admission process.

So, with no further ado, let's find out...

Digital Registration Form Link on School Website

Radical Logix has a feature that allows the school to link the admissions form on their website directly from the ERP system. The school can create a digital registration form with custom fields & instructions and upload it on their site, which parents and students can access. .

This is a crucial feature as most schools prefer to keep their admission process online so that they can respond quickly if there are any issues or queries that need to be addressed.

Collect Registration Fee Online

The students can easily pay the registration fee online with the Radical Logix school ERP system. It is equipped with an integrated payment gateway, which allows students to transfer money directly into the educational institution's account. Students can also make payments through debit/credit cards and net banking.

Registration Form Integrated With School ERP

Radical Logix school ERP is a cloud-based software that empowers schools to digitize registration and streamline their admission mechanism. The school ERP provides admission forms integration with the school website and mobile application.

The integrated registration form allows students to register online, which will also help them to receive confirmation of their admission as soon as possible.

In addition, the students can also check their admissions status at any time through an online dashboard.

Notify Registered Students Via ERP At Every Step

Radical Logix school ERP is a centralized system that keeps track of students, teachers and other employees. It also helps in managing admissions, attendance, and other school-related activities such as payment of fees, discounts, scholarships etc.

The school ERP helps in sending out notifications to registered students at every step. For example, it helps in notifying them about the admission process, fee payment schedule, important dates, events, etc. This can be done through email or SMS message to the mobile number of the student.

In The End…

Radical Logix school ERP is a reliable solution for the complicated admission process, supporting schools effectively in managing their admission process. It addresses the pain points like lack of transparency, high costs and long processing time related to school admission procedures. It is a complete package that assists schools by reducing paperwork and also ensures timely submissions of provisional and final admissions subject to the availability of seat numbers.