Benefits of School Management App for Parents
Benefits of School Management App for Parents
Benefits of School Management App for Parents

School Management Made Easy: Explore School ERP

The popularity of digital transformation is also changing the education industry. School ERP system allows institutes to automate & simplify regular activities like attendance records, curriculum management, information handling & assignments. School management software refers to the cloud-based, robust educational ERP system consisting of advanced modules enabling educators to digitalize the work process of educators & teachers.

The ERP system is designed for tracking & recording the admission list, feel collection and planning. In the following blog, we have mentioned how the school ERP system makes school management easy.

What features must a school ERP system have?

Schools can benefit from a complete technology system that combines all the activities required to manage an institution effectively with the help of educational resource planning software. School management software facilitates the laborious task of data administration in educational institutions while also helping to provide a more complete learning environment for the students. Here are certain features that an ERP solution must have-

  • Multi-user features - The ERP for Schools system offers multiple-user role-based login features for the members. The school staff & faculties can manage the modules & activities assigned to them through login.
  • Interactive user interface - The school ERP system management is simple to use and delivers better interactive facilities for different users. It allows schools to manage their operations efficiently without any technical errors.
  • Personalised plugins - The school ERP solutions are tailored based on the school's requirements. The administrative head of the school has access to the operations which are being processed & recorded.
  • Data backup & security - Cloud-based services are known for safeguarding data on the cloud rather than decentralizing businesses. The data backup is automatic & the school doesn’t need to invest in the hardware.
  • Generating reports - The school management ERP system helps faculties generate real-time grade reports, student registration sheets, fee information, etc. These reports can be easily converted into PDF, Excel, & word.
  • Email & SMS integration - The school management ERP system can automatically send mail & SMS to the parents regarding the child's day-to-day school activities. The ERP system that has the email & SMS integration facility ensures that the parents are well-informed about the exams.

How are school ERP systems beneficial for school management?

  • Improve productivity - By opting for the school ERP solutions, institutes can improve their productivity. Most of the time, the school managers, teachers and administration staff are overburdened because they are dealing with multiple projects at a single time. It can cause frustration, so automating certain processes can boost their productivity.
  • Low operational costs - The ERP software can also automate the tasks, and therefore, the institutes aren’t required to hire additional staff for tasks. This is how you can lower the operational cost of school management.
  • Improve communication - By integrating the school ERP system, the school can fill the communication gap between the management and the parents. It reduces the gap between the teachers, management and parents. It allows parents to regularly be in touch with the teachers & get regular reports about their kid’s activities. This software also streamlines the communication among the stakeholders.
  • Digitalizing the education format - By adding this ERP system, the school management allows the parents and students to access the study material, homework, and worksheets in the comfort of their homes. In case the student can’t attend the class, the study resources will be shared online.
  • Smart decisions - These are stored and managed properly, can be easily organised and allow teachers and management administrators to make smart decisions. The tool helps to achieve complete data analysis and make decisions based on that.
  • Get real-time updates - The stakeholders can visualise the data related to their job role. The tool also allows real-time updates and data monitoring to build smart decisions based on the trend. Teachers, as well as parents, can easily track their student performance & enhance the overall institute functionality.
  • Process automation - Through process automation techniques, schools can free up their staff to do manual tasks like recording attendance. The power of automation is not just limited to businesses; it is now transforming the education industry positively. Automation helps to achieve higher productivity and foster the complete functionality of the institution.
  • Accessibility - The teachers, students & parents are given limited access to the multiple features of software based on their needs, and they will be allowed to access the resources from the comfort of their homes.
  • Good learning experience - The ERP for Schools software also facilitates the provision of education at both organisational and educational levels. The results will be visible on the student’s marksheets.
  • Build a happy workforce - By integrating this well-integrated and well-managed tool, schools can achieve the satisfaction of parents by giving them access to data, setting up good communication, etc. The happy workforce and the happy parents resemble the highest standard of education the school provides. The school ERP software improves every other aspect of school functionality. It streamlines the decisions made by school management, which further leads to success and growth.
  • Easy Fee Administration - With a school ERP system, handling financial transactions is simple. Online payment alternatives simplify the process of collecting fees, cutting down on mistakes and administrative expenses while increasing transparency for parents and the school.


These are a few of the main benefits of the ERP system for schools. To put it briefly, a school ERP system is a comprehensive approach to improving a school's performance. Implementing the ideal school management ERP system can help the school make the best decision. By following the above-mentioned points, the school management can understand how it benefits and why it is necessary to implement it. If you are looking to integrate this tool to simplify your management system, then talk with the experts at Radical Logix.