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ERP Software for School
ERP Software for School

School Mobile Application: Connecting School Administration To Parents.

Among the other advancements of the 21st century, India has witnessed a spike in the rise of working couples. With the massive development of MNCs and other offices in Delhi or Noida, a huge number of couples are capable of giving a better life to their child.

But for parents with hectic work schedules, it becomes problematic to manage the academics as well as other school-related matters of their child. They are unaware of any essential updates for their kids' betterment. In such a scenario, they look for the most reliable source that could efficiently offer every crucial information from the teacher or school administration. To eliminate the problem of the communication gap between the school administration and respective parents, the renowned schools work on the School ERP Software module. It offers advanced mobile applications that have become the most effective and helpful agents for both schools as well as parents.

What does a mobile application offer to working parents?

For working parents, integrating technology with education in the form of ERP software has emerged as the best help. This program allows the school to record every minute information about the student. Like:

  • Daily tasks/assignments
  • Attendance
  • Related videos
  • Seminar/Event Schedule

Additional information

  • Fee record
  • Fine and penalty(s)
  • Examination date
  • Result publishing date

The convenience of gathering information helps the parents to keep an effective record of their child’s engagements at school.

To understand better, in this blog, we will discuss in detail how mobile applications nurtured by school ERP Software reduce the load and are helpful to working parents.

What are the challenges faced by working parents?

In the evolving world, the concept of working parents is overwhelming, but unfortunately, they face various challenges in the absence of school mobile applications. Let's discuss a few problems encountered by working parents.

  • Real-time information: In the absence of mobile applications, parents have to rely on the traditional method for obtaining information from schools. They learn about the kid’s progress and engagement through notices, letters, reports, etc.
  • Coordination issue: The parents face the issues of coordinating with teachers to obtain information about the child's growth, attendance, and weak links. Additionally, they are uninformed about the events or highlights of the academic year.
  • Communication Barrier: The parents face the issue of scheduling an appointment with the teacher to obtain first-hand information about the child. They encounter the problem of insufficient time to discuss a better plan and strategy for the child's near future.
  • Homework/assignment tracking: The problem of keeping the best record of homework and assignment submission schedules makes it hectic for parents and students. Additionally, due to the complex work schedule, parents forget to help their children with semester assignments, which affects their annual reports.

How School ERP Software with mobile applications is helping the parents?

In working parents' lives, mobile applications have become the best-helping agent. The comprehensive tools offered by the software has made their life easy and more responsible in various ways.

Personalized information

With the introduction and advancement of ERP software in schools, parents can obtain complete information through mobile applications about their children. Like:

  • Attendance
  • Grades
  • Assignments
  • Competitive exams
  • Exam schedule and report

The quick delivery of streamlined information lets the parents know completely about their child, which is essential for their growth.

Effective communication

The easy gateway offers an effective mode of communication between the parent and the respective teacher(s)/administration. The parents hold the option of discussing the concerns of their respective children. This aspect offers dual benefits as it helps parents and teachers restructure their approach towards the child for an effective result.

Home assignment notification

Through School ERP Software and mobile application, the school administration uploads the daily assignments and tasks for the student. The parents get the prior information about the task as well as the assignment submission deadline. With the advancement of this feature, parents get the best opportunity to assist their children with their studies. Additionally, the parents get the benefit of discussing the complex assignment with the teacher to help their child with more efficiency.

Acts as a reminder

The advanced tool of this application helps the parents to remember important upcoming events. The parents get the pop-up reminder for their child's upcoming event, parent-teacher meet, sports day, etc. Apart from helping the parents remember the important date and event, it also helps boost the child's morale.

Eliminates physical labor

As a working parent, there is always a hustle of work life and parenthood. But with the effective mobile application and ERP Software for school, the parents get the convenient option of online payment of fees and other expenses. The parents can save ample time by not standing in the queue at the school premises.


It is evident that School ERP Software is helping the school administration to its best. Additionally, the school mobile application has impacted people's lives, especially the working class group. There are multiple benefits that a parent with a hefty work schedule can attain. Like :

  • It enhances the work-life balance as they have the best idea about the child's academic progress.
  • It offers them a better opportunity to collaborate with the respective teacher in order to derive the best out of the child.
  • It reduces parents' stress as they are well-informed about the advances in their child's curriculum.
  • It offers the better participation of parents in their children's academics
  • Lastly, it is an efficient procedure that helps spend the least time achieving the desired information.

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