Benefits of School Management App for Parents
Benefits of School Management App for Parents
Benefits of School Management App for Parents

Top Features That Enhance the Use Of School Mobile Application

In the modern world, technology has changed the perception of India. With its rapid growth, every sector has evolved to its full bloom. Among such developments, the world has witnessed massive growth in the education sector. Today, every renowned school in the country, especially Delhi & Noida, has chosen the most impactful approach to enhancing the educational experience. In order to do so, they have opted for the most versatile and impactful school mobile app. For the school administration, it has become a helpful agent in its functioning and management. It provides better assistance in managing the educational procedure of the students.

Any school administration seeking the assistance of mobile applications for their schools looks out for a few aspects. This blog will discuss the important aspects of school mobile apps that compel the school administration to implement them in their respective schools.

Acts as a better learning experience platform.

An effective school mobile application should offer an advanced e-learning platform that connects the faculty and the students. It should hold the efficiency to offer K12 faculty assistance with ease, which means the student gets the assistance of the best learning experience from their respective educator. The school mobile app should facilitate the easy circulation of required information for kindergarten students to standard twelve.

Additionally, it should be convenient for the administration to upload additional engaging content such as puzzles, quizzes, reasoning, analytical assessments, etc.

Keeping a systematic record of student’s whereabouts

The efficient mobile application for school should be well-advanced to record the attendance of the students. It should allow the educational administration to mark the attendance of the whole class and offer the provision to examine the individual attendance of the students.

Apart from this, with the advancement of technology, the mobile application provides the location of the student. The best feature of recording the exact information of the students helps the teachers to share the regularity of the students with their respective parents.

Easy allocation of homework and assignment(s)

The advanced features of the School mobile app for teachers should facilitate the best-in-class option of assigning homework and assignments to the students. It should help the teachers with the potential to provide detailed instruction related to the home assignment. This feature helps the student understand the task and helps the parents analyze the teacher's efficiency.

The teacher should also get the best opportunity to provide the students with additional supplements related to the task to better understand the subject matter.

Imparts any important news or notification

The application should allow the school administration to broadcast information about the advancements taking place in the school. The efficient application should offer the liberty to publish the notice on the common dashboard for all the students or could be shared with every individual student.

Additionally, the school mobile app should be a reminder for the parents regarding various aspects. Like,
❖ Parents-teacher meeting.
❖ Annual sports day.
❖ Exhibitions and cultural events
❖ Festive celebration

Better participation opportunities for parents

The school mobile app should be the best platform for the school administration to offer an advanced opportunity for the parents to engage in the development of students. Through this platform, the school administration's Parent-Teacher Association(PTA) can organize meetings, discussions, or seminars with the parents. On this platform, the parents can obtain feedback from the respective parents through various mediums like:
Feedback/suggestion dashboard
Compliant dashboard

Simplified payment procedure

The school mobile app should be efficient in handling the payment of students during the academic year. It helps the parents from hustling in the bank or school fee deposit counter. It should provide the school administration with the following:
❖ Systematic payment record
❖ Advanced payment information
❖ Late fine and pending amount

Additionally, the platform should efficiently handle the payments related to fundraising, donations, or trips.


TIt is evident from the above discussion that technological advancement has raised the bar of schools in metropolitan cities like Delhi or Noida. Every parent looks out for the school that provides the best assistance to the students and maintains a systematic record of their whereabouts. The school which provides a detailed report on the student's progress is highly preferred among the populace. To stand true to the expectations of all, it compels the school to make better use of mobile applications. In such a scenario, the school management app becomes mandatory for the school administration's smooth functioning. It helps the school administration carry out the following tasks easily and comfortably.
❖ Recording attendance of the students
❖ Assigning tasks and assignments
❖ Convenient fee payment
❖ Uploading examination schedule
❖ Publishing result
❖ Broadcasting event and notification
❖ Collecting feedback and suggestion

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