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Benefits of School Management App for Parents
Benefits of School Management App for Parents
Benefits of School Management App for Parents

Radical Logix School Mobile Apps with Best Communication Features

In this vastly expanding digital world, everything is just one touch of a button away from emerging advanced technologies. Due to the widespread use of smartphones and mobile apps, communication between parents and schools has come to a crossroads in recent years.

Around 55% of American adults already own a smartphone, and 77% get news alerts on their devices. Technology businesses are quickly creating School Mobile Apps that meet the demands of school communities as this trend toward mobile communication continues. Instructors, parents, and students may now connect and collaborate more readily without relying on conventional communication like phone calls and letters.

However, finding the right App could be daunting when thousands of other School Mobile Apps exist. So to make the process easier, we at Radical Logix have come forward to help you. Keep reading to know more!

What Is Radical Logix?

Radical Logix is an exclusive School ERP Software Solution. This secure cloud-based school ERP solution, which has 30+ modules and is highly customizable and user-friendly, assists school administrators, educators, parents, and students in effectively managing their roles in education. It includes modules for handling fees, progress reports, attendance, etc.


Deployment: Cloud-Based Software

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Benefits of Using Radical Logix

Schools require an effective communication channel to create an interactive atmosphere that encourages learning, sparks meaningful conversations and promotes open feedback. Thus, to establish an effective communication channel, Schools can test out several communication applications for schools that interact with instructors, parents, and kids.

Radical Logix provides Cloud-Based School ERP Software with 600+ reports, 35+ Modules, and Robust Mobile Apps (iOS & Android) for teachers and parents. Nearly 500+ schools use our solution in 14 different states in India. Here are a few critical highlighted benefits:

  1. Radical Logix is a cloud-based system that can be accessed anytime, anywhere

  2. Connectivity with significant payment getaways for online fee collection

  3. Incredible 24/7 Email and customer support

  4. We offer free customizations in all relevant Modules by school requirements.

  5. Our Technical Team has a separate Research and Development Division, constantly developing new concepts.

  6. Parents can only pay fees online through the mobile App because payment gateways are integrated.


Regardless of which mobile App you select, the most crucial element is that everyone uses that mobile App. Involving your school community can improve communication between parents, students, and teachers.

With plenty of School Mobile Apps to pick from on the market, it is essential to go through the price and features of all the applications and choose the one that suits your requirements. The most excellent software will make conducting and managing these interactions easy. For more information, you can read other blogs on our website. Happy Reading!